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Conversations with clergy you can trust. inspiration, improve your leadership

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Clergy2Clergy is for clergy members seeking CONVERSATIONS.  Conversations to feed your soul, meet your real need for companionship, and provide a safe place to talk about faith and ministry. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!  

Ministry can be a lonely path

Clergy carry confidences, keep secrets, and try to support people in some of the hardest moments in their lives. It can be lonely work.

But that is why we are here.

When interviewing clergy for our book, The Perpetual Pivot: Ministry in the Pandemic and Beyond, we heard from many clergy that they had trouble finding people to talk to during the pandemic They said they felt alone and isolated. They told us they relied on clergy groups they had found - Clergy Moms and Dads, Clergy Communities of Practice, Clergy Parents of Kids with Special Needs, Theology Groups. 

It was these groups that they credited with getting them through the international crisis. These faith leaders told us they are seeking more connections. 

And we listened.

We started to imagine a place - a nexus, a beehive of connection, a space where you can lay your burdens down and know you are held, a destination for faith leaders. Here, you will find a listening ear and a place where you can feel seen and heard. 


Welcome to Clergy 2 Clergy!

Dependable, open honest talk. Be yourself.

A Place To Share

  • Try new ideas (even wacky ones)

  • Brainstorm solutions to those nagging issues that haunt you

  • Find genuine community 

  • A safe haven in the storms of ministry

  • A connection with others who share this odd and wonderful calling to serve God as ordained clergy. 

How To Get Involved

This is a website but it is also a gathering space. 
We hope you will find a variety of ways to connect to colleagues on our site.

Keep checking back - we've got exciting things planned like Zoom groups, Clergy Book Club, Clergy Bookshelf, and a Podcast.

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Who We Are

Susan Cartmell, coach, faith leader, writer

Susan Cartmell

Peggy O'Connor is an experienced spiritual mentor

Peggy O'Connor

During the recent COVID 19 pandemic Peggy and Susan led worships on church leadership and
discovered that pastors were eager to talk about the stress and creativity that emerged in this
crisis. Those conversations led them to write their new book, The Perpetual Pivot: Ministry in
the Pandemic and Beyond. Based on interviews with 53 clergy from 7 denominations and 17
states, the book tells the stories of the clergy, unsung heroes in our midst.

You can learn more about these projects and more at Susan's website:

Dependable, open, honest talk



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